Staging is proven to boost sales results, and provide your buyer with the vision of how they will live in the home.

Quick Stage™ – Occupied Residences $250- $550

We are the public’s eye! Quick Stage™ is the most cost effective form of staging an occupied residence. We will utilize your existing furnishings and accessories, edit and rearrange to create an inviting atmosphere. Reveal has found that in the same time it takes most staging companies to prepare a written proposal and charge you for it, we can have the job done with spectacular results.  Put our years of experience to work for you as we have first-hand knowledge of what it takes to highlight the architectural details of your home in a captivating way. Our clients are delighted with the suggestions we offer to “show” the home once the Quick Stage™ has been completed.


Vacant Residences Starting at $1850+

Quality of the Staging Supports the Value of the Residence

Initial consultations are complimentary. Reveal will provide you with a proposal and detailed outline of our ideas for staging the residence. Quality staging is effective because when potential buyers walk into a house, they carry with them all their hopes for their new life in the new place . . . how they feel in the home ultimately gets reflected in the sales price and number of offers. Prestige, love, dreams, all the common denominators that we all have as human beings, are at work in the home purchase . . . the staging maximizes and intensifies all of those feelings. We are able to interpret the highlights of the home and match them with our expansive inventory to create an impressive appearance throughout. Pricing depends on size of the residence, number of rooms and volume of furnishings needed.

Reveal consistently strives to exceed our client’s expectations by providing quality, professional, attentive service for a competitive price.

We offer varied staging options depending on the requirements necessary to showcase the residence at its best.

As regarded industry professionals, we are committed to meeting your timelines, which is imperative to Reveal. Flexibility and worry free service are some of our finest attributes.

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